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Protective wear for the paint industry


RCR International is the importer and distributor of Pro-Val gloves, disposable protective clothing and Respirators to many distributors in the Paint Industry.


The Hazguard MP5 coverall is water resistant and made from a breathable microporous fabric, ideal for working in the paint industry. The coverall has excellent abrasion and tear resistance with double bound stitched seams for greater strength. It has resistance to liquid chemical penetration and is suitable for asbestos removal. The MP5 is made from a soft, anti static fabric and has a lint free outer surface, available in white, sizes M to 3XL. The Hazguard MP5 coverall is certified to Type 5 applications - barrier to airborne particulate materials and dust, as well as Type 6 applications, barrier to limited splash and liquid spray.

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The Pro-Val range of disposable respiratory dust masks includes P1 and P2 with valve or without valve and also P2 carbon. The main purpose of the valve is that it aids in expelling hot air and assists breathing. P1 respirators are suitable for protection against mechanically generated particles down to 1 micron, such as dust and mist. P2 respirators are suitable for protection against particles such as toxic dusts, asbestos and welding fumes down to 0.3 micron. P2 carbon is recommended for protection against nuisance levels of ozone and organic vapours.

All Pro-Val respirators comply with AS/NZS 1716:2003 standards.


Finding the right disposable glove that protects your hands and provides touch, dexterity and protection no longer needs to be a tedious task. At RCR we distribute a range of Pro-Val disposable and re-usable gloves suitable to a wide range of applications.

The Pro-Val Nitesafe glove is 100% Nitrile and has resistance to a broad range of chemicals particularly petroleum based. It is latex and powder free, ideal for latex allergy sufferers.

The Pro-Val Securitex Latex disposable gloves come in both lightly powdered and powder free and made from natural rubber latex. They are easy to put on and remove, comfortable and flexible providing protection and outstanding dexterity for the user.